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All the specs for the Trabant P601


Type:   Air cooled, 0.6-liter 2-stroke 2-cylinder

Bore x stroke:   2.83 x 2.87 in.

Displacement:   36 cu in, 595 cc

Compression ratio

Emissions Control:  None

Valve Gear:   None

27 @ 4,200 rpm 

Torque:   38lbs-ft @ 3000 rpm

Redline:   5000 rpm


Drive train


Transmission:   4-speed manual , column shift.

Final Drive Ratio:   4.33:1

Gear Ratio Max Speed

1   4.08:1   19 mph

2   2.32:1   32 mph

3   1.52:1   48 mph

4   1.03:1   62 mph

R   3.83:1


Dimensions / Capacities (Wagon)


Track F/R:   47.5 / 49.4 in.

Overall length

Overall width

Overall height 

Ground clearance

Overhang (front/rear)
Tread (front/rear)

Curb Weight:   1355 lbs   (1433 lbs)

Weight dist:   59 / 41 %   (56 / 44 %)

Fuel Capacity:   25 liters

Oil Capacity:   None

Water Capacity:   None


No Fuel Pump

Chassis / Body

Type:   Uni-body construction

Body Material:   Steel frame with Duroplast panels



Seating capacity 4 

Cargo volume
14.6 cu. ft.

Volume, front:   ~50 cu ft

Volume, rear:   ~40cu ft.

Trunk space:   ~10 cu ft.

Front seats:  bucket recliner


Front suspension
transverse leaf spring, lower A-arm.

Rear suspension 
Independent trailing arms



Steering wheel
Yes (standard on driver's side)

Turning Circle:   ~30 ft.


4-wheel hydraulic drum 

Power assist:   None


Wheels and Tires

Wheel size:   4 x 13 in. 

Bolt pattern:   4 x 160mm

Wheel type:   steel

Tire Size:   145-75R13

Tire pressure:   35 / 35 psi


Test Results

0 to 40 km/h:   5.3

0 to 60 km/h:   9.2

0 to 80 km/h:   21.6

0 to 100 km/h:   36.8

40 to 60 km/h:   3.9

60 to 80 km/h:   12.4


Top Speed:   110 km/h


Fuel Economy

Est city:   26 mpg

Est highway:   34 mpg




More Info

No Water Pump:


No Water filter

The car is Air cooled.

No Radiator.


No Oil Filter

No Oil is needed to lubricate the engine.

No Oil Sump.

Oil mixed with the petrol on a ratio of 50:1. No further lubrication of the engine is needed.

No Timing belt

Since there is no cam shaft, the timing belt (often the cause of expensive engine repairs) is not needed.

No Valves

The holes for exhaust and input of fuel within each cylinder are set at the exact angle which allows a vacuum and resultant pressure wave from the fuel combustion to act as valves. Therefore, no moving parts are necessary.

No Cam Shaft.

Since there are no valves, no cam shaft is needed

No Points.

Each cylinder is supplied by it's own solenoid directly, ensuring the maximum direct connection between the solenoid and the spark plug

No Distributor Cap.

The electronic ignition does away with the need for a distributor cap.

No Brake Servo

The car is so light that it needs no assistance from a Servo to have one of the best breaking systems of any car. On MOT brake tests, a figure of around 60 % gives a pass. The Trabant 601 score at around 120%.

No Disc Brakes

Drum Brakes are all this car needs to have one of the most efficient braking systems of any car. This is due to the light weight nature of the body, and also due to the fact that the car rarely travels faster than 110 km/h.


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