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German Democratic Republic better known as the DDR, where the the Trabant was born.

History In Short:

The Trabant was East Germanys peoples car for East Germans as Volkswagen was in West Germany. The Trabant's was produced in the factory were Audis were manufactured before the war. Sachsenring and began production of two stoke wonder, Trabant's in 1957. Sachsenring produced several models including the Saloon, Kombi, Tramp and a few others as well as some prototypes. One the most famous was the model 601. The first P601 rolled of the production line in 1967 and continued until after the fall of the Berlin wall. The Trabant was, for the most part unchanged over the years. The last upgrade was in 1990, when Sachsenring switched from the 0.6 two stroke to the 1.1 Polo four stoke engine. The last Trabant was produced in 1991. 

By 1991 over 3,000,000 Trabant's produced, but Trabant's were no longer being exported and East Germans had access modern cars. Trabant production stopped, but many people never gave up their Trabant, also known as the companion. The Sachsenring factory were the Trabant's were produced, now houses a Car museum. Trabant car clubs have popped up all over the world.  It's incredible how a tiny car, with a top speed of 110km/h, that rarely left the Communists States has captured the hearts of car lovers the world over. Despite their noise and poor performance most people who own or have owned a Trabant swear by them. They are so simple that there is very little that could go wrong with them.

Trabant's have a very unique and simple styling in order to conserve expensive metal. It's body panels was formed from a plastic, reinforced with cotton fabric attached to a galvanized steel shell. Plastic similar to fiberglass called Duroplast. Getting almost 400km out of a 26 liter tank means its incredibly cheap to run. Trabant's run a two cylinder two-stroke engine which only 5 moving parts and have a top speed of about 110 km/h. The Engine is light enough so it could be lifted out by one person. Using a two stroke Sachsenring could cut down on many expensive parts. The Trabant had a few improvements over the years, including improved brakes, electrical systems and even an upgrade to a Volkswagen 4 stroke 1.1 polo engine. 


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