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Trabi's for sale. We always have a few of them on location and can get more, so if you're interested in buying one or more just let us know. We can round up the Trabi of your dreams.  starting price is around $5900.00 (Canadian) and up. 

Information Page:

We could make an appointment to meet and discuss what style and/or condition year Trabant you want.

We could send you a Trabant directly from Europe or you could pick from the selection I have here.

Insurance is very cheep for these cars, under $400 a year, since it's top speed is 110km hr. and has only 2 cylinders.

Replacement parts are very cheep compared to most cars and readily available from most eastern European countries. Where the cost increase is during the import process. I am also in the works to have some replacement parts made here in Canada.

Repairing and maintaining your Trabant is as easy as tuning your lawn mower. As you can see below there is nothing to it.

These cars have been around for many years, People use to repair their cars themselves, with neighbor helping neighbor. Anyone who understood even the basics of cars and motors was able to fix mechanical problems through common sense in the garage.

When I bought and drove my first Trabant many years ago, things were clear. I could take it apart to the last screw and then put it back together, and not surprisingly, it worked.

It cost 15$ to 17$ Canadian to fill the Trabants 25 liter gas tank. On a full tank of gas you can drive almost 400km, which it an amazingly cheep way to get around. 

I enjoy driving my Trabant all summer and winter long, the body panels are duraplast and wont rust, and the under body n frame of the car is galvanized metal.


The prices very in relation to the model, year and condition of the Trabant.

Prices include shipping, Mechanical inspection, clutch and break pads replaced and importing the cars to Canada. Our cars are ready for certification and to be driven to there new home. Shipping the Trabi to you is extra or you can drive it home yourself. We can arrange shipping your Trabi directly to you, or you can handle the shipping yourself. Cost of shipping can range from $200 to $2500 depending on you distance from Toronto, and method you want the car shipped.

There are several options how you get your new Trabant home. First, you can come visit us north of Toronto and take your car home with you. 


We can ship a car directly to you from Europe, but a down side in doing this. Cars are shipped in cargo containers, which can be expensive to ship only one car per container. Even though all our cars are checked in Europe, we also like to inspect each car when it arrives here in Canada, to make sure your order is correct and it is up to our quality standards before we hand the keys to you. 


Our cars are shipped three per container along with extra spare parts, minimizing the cost of shipping per car. If we shipped your Trabi directly to you, the shipping cost will be significantly more, and you will need to pick up the extra cost and deal with all that messy paper work at Customs Canada.

Someone asked me; why am I selling the Trabant's starting at  5900$ and up, when you can buy one in Germany for a 500 to 1000$. Well here is why.

You can try to find and buy a Trabant in Europe yourself, but you will only find Trabant's in poor and run down condition. which is generally the way most Trabant's are these days. Then to get it shipped to Canada is another story.

If someone was to try to locate one in excellent condition in Europe, it would cost at least 1000$ to fly to Europe, plus hotel and travel expenses, along with weeks or months of searching. then the shipping cost paper work and not to mention Customs Canada.

I may also find you a Trabant for around 1000$ in Europe, but then you will have to get it repaired someplace. You will also be responsible to cover finders and administration fees as well as all related and handling costs and other expenses to bring it to Canada. Unless you want to do this all yourself. good luck. We also will not guarantee the quality or the car.

We stand behind all our Trabant's and ensure that it is a quality used car. Our  contacts in Europe can locate any type of Trabant a customer may be looking for.

Before each car leaves Europe, the dealer changes the brake pads and clutch, and performs a complete mechanical inspection.

Repairs and a new pain job can be all done in Europe before the car arrives to Canada. this is more cost effective  then Repairing and Painting the car here in Canada.



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