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TRABANT P601, P601S, P601S Deluxe

More than 3 million Trabant sedans and wagons were built by Sachsenring between 1957 and 1991


With a less-than-sporty 27 horsepower to its name, the two-cylinder, two-stroke engine which powered the Trabant has attracted some derision over the years - but there's no denying the significance of this vehicle as an icon of Eastern European industry. Its distinctive body shape is constructed from Duroplast panels (plastic, reinforced with cotton fabric) attached to a galvanized steel shell. 

Although the last Trabant was produced in 1991, following the reunification of East and West Germany, a network of fan clubs across Europe affectionately preserves its memory. The Sachsenring Trabant P601 leaves a tiny footprint on Canada just the same, because for the first time, Canadians can own a Trabant.

The Trabant was was East Germanys answer to the peoples car as the Volkswagen Beetle was to West Germany. Designed to be a cheap and practical car for the working class. Made of simple technology that was easy to maintain and repair. It features a  595 cc, two-cylinder air-cooled engine  and requires a 50:1 gas-oil mix.

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